Strictly enforced peer reviewed consensus and strong resistance to any discussion of possible errors in the facts and science behind the consensus prevents many proper discussions. Instead of discussion of data and facts, only words from biased websites are used as facts.

I do not know how we can get past this.

It has always snowed more when the Arctic was open and it always got colder after more years of sequestering more ice.It has always snowed less when the Arctic was frozen and ice dumped into the oceans to cause colder until the ice was depleted and then the cycles repeated.  This is  true based on ice core records and history. 

Coral Reefs bleach when sea level goes down, Coral Reefs Recover when sea level goes up. This topic is forbidden.

The Atomic Clock measures time accurately, less and less leap seconds have been added every decade since the Atomic Clock became the time standard in 1972.  A rising sea level would have caused more and more leap seconds to have been added.

There is no way to have a discussion with people who only follow “science is settled, peer reviewed consensus” 

Real Science is never settled, real science always questions everything.

Green Energy Junk has destroyed the Texas Electric Grid.  During the February Freeze, we were without power and water for days. Hospitals in downtown Houston were without WATER, due to the Green Energy replacing Fossil Fuel Energy. Texas supplied the Fossil Fuel that Won World War Two and now we  cannot keep the power and water on during a few cold days.  Climate Change Junk Has Gone Way Too Far.

Every solar panel that puts power on the Grid and reduces the power the reliable providers get paid for, makes our Grid more likely to have future failures.  I know that your house or your church will come out better, money wise and maybe, power wise, but the harm to the overall grid increases because there is less reliable base power when the sun dont shine and the wind dont blow or the wind blows too much or even when it gets too cold.  

Honestly, Discuss this and help get the Science more correct!
Is anyone open for a discussion? Does anyone want to make their position known, with any supporting data?

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Pope’s Climate Theory

About 2000 years ago, there was a Roman Warm Period and then it got cold.  About  1000 years ago, there was a Medieval  Warm Period and then it got cold. That was called the Little Ice Age.  It is warm now because it is supposed to be warm now.  It is a natural cycle and we did not cause it.   
When the oceans are warm and wet, it snows more and that bounds the upper limits of temperature and sea level.  When the oceans are cold and frozen, it snows less and that bounds the lower limits of temperature and sea level.
CO2 just makes green things grow better, while using less water.
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